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Mr. Wilson taught himself to paint with oil on canvas. Over the next 50 years he recorded the History of America and the Biblical record of the life of Jesus with incredible attention to detail, accuracy and realism.  Many of Robert’s works are monumental in size and adorn the walls of government buildings, military parks, state parks, colleges, churches, and historical museums in the United States.  He continues to paint at age 96 in Woodruff, South Carolina.

Robert’s first series of art “Jesus Journey on Earth”, propelled his art career with over 20 paintings (each 7 feet by 5 feet). The Jesus Journey series was first unveiled by President Jimmy Carter at the Washington Hilton for the National Prayer Breakfast in 1978. The twenty paintings in this book were donated to Liberty University in 2016, providing a great home for these incredible original works of art.

Although he is famous for his vivid life size depictions of Christ’s life and the history of the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WW I & II and History of Aviation, Robert also created several portraits of famous NASCAR Drivers; Fireball Roberts, Richard Petty & Dale Earnhardt, Sr. He painted portraits of people he admired such as; Christian Broadcasting Network founder, Pat Robertson (w/his horse Ufano), Lady Diana, Duchess of York “Fergie” and Hillary Clinton. His portraits include actors & actresses; Tonya Roberts, Elizabeth Montgomery, John Wayne, and Chris Templeton. Robert captured in paint the artists he admired; Salvador Dali, Norman Rockwell, and Albert Einstein.

Robert’s second series (the Revolutionary War) included over 40 paintings, including the famous Battle of Cowpens and the Battle of Kings Mountain.  The South Carolina State House is the permanent home for those two famous battle scenes.  The SC State Museum is home for a large painting of Nathanael Greene’s Army.  The Revolutionary War series of paintings earned Mr. Wilson the first “Daniel Morgan Award” on January 17, 1981 for his contributions to South Carolina’s History.

In 2007 Jim DeMint, SC Senator, presented Mr. Wilson with the distinguished “Silver Star” for his efforts as a pilot in WWII dropping troops into Normandy (he retired a Major in the Army after the Korean War).  Then on January 19, 2017  Nikki Haley, Governor of SC, awarded Mr. Wilson with the highest civilian honor in the State of SC the “Order of the Palmetto”, a first for an artist.

Recognitions & Awards


An article written by Diane Sechrest
in April 1984 highlighting Robert Wilson's art "Angel of Marye's Heights" scheduled to hang in the State House in South Carolina.

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On July 9, 2007 Major Robert Wilson received a Silver Star after 62 years for his heroism as a pilot during WWII. Silver Star presented by Sentor Jim DeMint.
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The Order of the Palmetto

Awarded to Robert Wilson by Governor Nikki Haley.